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Armorer Service and NRA Instruction
Armorer Service, Ammo and NRA Instruction
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We now carry Bullets, Powders, Primers and factory Ammo! Call for pricing.
Our Armorer Service are performed by trained Armorers and provides many services from routine repairs and maintenance to custom polishing and trigger jobs to enhance the performance of the firearm and the shooter.

Level I Trigger Job: 
Polish all original factory moving parts to smooth out the trigger feel and reduce the trigger pull weight from 4 - 4.5 pounds.

Level II Trigger Job:
Polish as above plus replace or adjust springs as needed (plus 3.5 pound connector in Glock and similar pistols) resulting in a 3.5 - 4 pound trigger pull.

Level III Trigger Job:
Polish as above plus install and tune match springs resulting in a 3 - 3.5 pound trigger pull.

Level IV Trigger Job:
Polish as above, install 3.5 pound trigger connector, spring kit reduced striker and striker safety spring plus heavier trigger spring, install light weight extended striker in Glock and similar pistols resulting in a 3 pound trigger pull.   For 1911's,  install new sear and matched hammer. $150.00

Ultimate Trigger Job:
For competition shooters only!  Call to speak to an Armorer for details.

Ask about our Gun Smith Services, Caliber Conversions and other firearm services to enhance the performance of your firearm including installation of custom parts.

We also provide NRA shooting instruction both private and group.

Private Shooting Instruction is usually scheduled with the instructor.  Group instruction is usually quarterly or monthly depending on the instructor's schedule.  Special shooting instruction for special groups, women and families can also be arranged.

All instruction is provided by NRA Certified Instructors in a friendly and comfortable environment.

Please contact us at 951-840-0776 for more information.

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